Escaping the Corporate World

Life working 50-60 hours a week can be stressful and exhausting. It is very difficult to stay motivated. I work as an engineer in an automotive manufacturing plant. Being an engineer, I need to stay creative and innovative so I decided to exercise my passion for woodworking. This is how I escape the day to day monotony and still stay productive in both worlds. It started as just making one piece until a family member fell in love with it. Then I made another and sold that one to a friend. Next I had people asking for similar products of different sizes so I decided to start something on Etsy with my wife and new baby daughter. We use our creativity to continuously come up with new designs.
I believe we fit right in here. Every Etsy buyer and seller demonstrates a passion for what they buy and sell. Each piece we make is handcrafted with love for what we do not just to make the money. We both enjoy catering to the creative-minded. So bring us your ideas and we can make them happen. We are open to any challenge.